Sunday, November 16, 2008

Around The Horn: Bailouts Are Vogue

1. Conservatives with Attitude is beaming about Mike Huckabee's recent vacation in New Jersey. Just kidding, he was there for "defending the family" reasons, whatever that means. Not sure what he is running for this time.

2. Page 13 News is wondering if Obama is really an American citizen. Apparently he wasn't a terrorist, muslim, black panther, un-ethical politician or a celebrity so we had to find something else. Some nobody named Phillip Berg is running the investigation, good luck with that.

3. Dan Cirucci blogs about Barbara Walter's "Most Fascinating List of 2008". Using artful dexterity, Cirucci manages to get a shot in at Barack Obama at the end. It just would be a Cirucci post without one! I'm beginning to think the guy is secretly obsessed with Obama.

4. Joe the Plumber will now be Joe the Writer as he has a book deal lined up. The Opinion Mill seems slightly disgusted with this. I love Joe the Plumber. Where else but America could somebody so un-interesting become a cultural-phenomenon. To add insult to injury, he wants to run for a congressional seat.

5. Sid In The City is all about Spam. Not the email variety but the fake meat...variety. He says Spam sales are way up. I'm sure this can somehow be attributed to Barack Obama. I'll ask Cirucci to get on that.

6. The Center of NJ Life is telling us to not believe everything we hear in the mainstream media. We can listen to the ultra-liberal media but not mainstream media. Sarah Palin still doesn't know where Africa is according to imaginary McCain confidant Martin Eisenstadt. Eisenstadt is reportedly preparing for a run for congress in 2010.

7. There's a unity march goin' down in Blue Jersey. Apparently an Obama supporter had a cross burned on their front lawn. Nothing wrong with that, just good ole fashioned racism. Whats all the big hubbub about.

8. Is the "right" really right? A Voice For The Youth Of Monmouth County is musing about the subject. It is a really great centrist post even though he professes to be a Democrat. In the end he sides with the left.

9. Cleary's Note Book is telling us to Stay Low and Go! Is he speaking to the Republican party following its resounding defeat in the 2008 election season? Nope, just pesky toddlers during fire-safety training. Yawn...

10. If there are two things in life Middletown Mike is John Adler and the other is the new Yankee Stadium. Apparently some NY Times big-wigs were given a tour of the clubhouse and etc. C.C. Sabathia reportedly has his own personal day-spa somewhere in the depth of the stadium just waiting for his arrival.

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