Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Title Of The Blog

Some people may wonder how exactly I came about naming the blog "The American Portrait". Well it wasn't my first choice that was for sure! I had originally wanted to name my blog "The Ivory Tower", however after doing some researching I found out there was another blog with that similar title and I didn't want to be competing with the other site for confused and mis-directed visitors.

I came upon my current name because I wanted it to be something "reflective" of me. I settled on the idea of using the word portrait somewhere in the blog because I thought that was an interesting way to describe a snapshot not of someone's appearance, but of their writing.

I settled upon the name "The American Portrait" because I think of myself as an average 20-something United States citizen who just so happens to be competent at blogging. So in essence, the blog is really the portrait of an American.

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