Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Things

The Christmas season brings out some of my favorite sights, sounds, tastes and events not limited to:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies right out of the oven.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra music.

3. Giving and receiving gifts.

4. Sleeping in late on Christmas morning.

5. Snow on Christmas morning.

6. Christmas morning breakfast.

7. Trolling shopping areas to find best deals.

8. Seeing extended family members.

9. Candy canes.

10. Watching "A Christmas Story"

Around The Horn: Christmas Time

Christmas season caught up with me and I couldn't post last week but I'm back again just in time for Christmas!

1. Channel Surfing has the winter woes as he is glad he isn't in Iowa. Good thing he isn't running for President as sentiments like that will not help him!

2. Blue Jersey is still hung up on civil unions. Sadly no one really seems to care.

3. Fred Thompson is wishing us all a happy holiday season according to MoreMonmouthMusings. Anyone else hear crickets chirping in the background?

4. Save Jersey Blog has got the coverage on George Bush as a civil rights icon? That is about as accurate as calling Sarah Palin's wardrobe thrifty.

5. Dan Cirucci is still whining and upset about Barack Obama's victory in November. His latest source of discontent...Obama's vacation destination.

6. There are dolphins in New Jersey? According to Read All About It, we have plenty of 'em.

7. Conservatives With Attitude thinks France's Sarkozy is a failed president. Well he is married to a hot chick though, that has to get him brownie points right?

8. The Test Panel is infatuated with the smell of flame-broiled beef. Good thing she picked up a bottle of FLAME.

9. Apparently some children ARE being left behind in the world of PoliticsPatrol. He wants to throw out G.W.'s only claim to fame.

10. Santa is out of a job in Philadelphia. Interested parties can view his resume at Sid in the City.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Conspiracy Theories Abound

The Internet is a very interesting place. Through it, anyone in the entire world can visit your blog with just a click. The question is, who are these people and how do they get to your blog? I've often wondered how most of the people who came to read my blog got there in the first place.

For example, take reader 1,596 of my blog. This person is from Wasilla, Alaska (hometown of Sarah Palin) and actually got to my blog by entering my full name and the word "blog" into the search engine. Things like that always make me does this person know me?

I guess that's what comes with the territory when you decide to have a public blog. You have to take the good, the bad, the ugly and....the unknown.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Around The Horn: Senate Seat on Clearance

1. Capitol Quickies (nope not Elliot Spitzer's experience) has got the Gay Marriage covered in the Garden State. A Civil Union Review Comission (I hope taxpayers are not paying for this...) thinks NJ should allow gay marriage.

2. Wondering what all the blackout was about in Monmouth County? The Inside Clamdigger has got the beat on the street. An estimated 44,000 people went without power (including most!!!) for an hour and a half. NJ. com has a great map here.

3. Middletown Mike thinks Illinois is really corrupt. No truth to the rumors Mike received a telemarketing car asking if he would like to buy a senate seat. This does make New Jersey look like an innocent child next to the political whore that is Illinois.

4. MoreMonmouthMusings won't be spending any time at seedy hotels. The power is back on! In only two hours, the people of Monmouth county descended back into tribal warfare and Neanderthal survival tactics. Just kidding, but it was close!

5. Conservatives With Attitude has a really squwaky voice and wants to run for a Senate seat. Nope, that is just Fran Drescher and to think, we thought Sarah Palin was un-qualified...

6. ClearysNoteBook will be locking their gate in the future as their pesky pooch took off. The bright side was that a new friend was made...who promptly got into his car and will never be seen again...(sigh).

7. Read All About It hates Obama's reported choice to lead the EPA. Hey she is a "Jersey Girl", she can't be all that bad. Look on the bright side...she could be from Illinois.

8. The Opinion Mill roasts good old George W. for his actions around 9/11. Hey, at least he kept us safe!!!! Just kidding, I'm not drinking the Peggy Noonan kool-aid.

9. Dan Cirucci is wondering who killed Christmas. He's even got a little poll up, unfortunately one of the options is not "Who Cares". I would have clicked THAT one.

10. Keep your dogs away from the fire hydrants as RedBankGreen is warning us of the testing that will be going on. The dark murky water is OK to drink though, so don't worry about that.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Around The Horn: Plaxico Burress & Dick Cheney Shooting Club

1. The Rix Mix is into cybering. Shopping that is...what were you thinking of you dirty son of a gun? He doesn't believe in the validity of the day and puts it in the same category as unicorns and leprechauns.

2. Conservatives With Attitude is pissed off! What else is new hehe. They opened up their pre-Christmas gift to find a lousy gift-certificate to get an abortion. They weren't even pregnant to begin with! The outrage!

3. Sid in the City is all about scat. He also loves having scantily-clad women in his little illustrations on his web-site. Theres something about having a stripper and a Christmas Tree in the same photo that really puts me in a festive mood.

4. Curious about New Jersey's AIDS rates? Hit up Blue Jersey but don't ask the site to share its needles with you. I know, I know...another classless joke by me.

5. Hillary Clinton sure has a fan in Middletown Mike. He loves the nomination of Clinton to the Secretary of State post. Looks like Mike got the big end of the wishbone.

6. Jon Corzine is taking a little trip to Philadelphia according to Capitol Quickies. No word yet on when he actually plans to do stuff for New know...that state he is the GOVERNOR of.

7. Politiker NJ covers the entrance of Steve Lonegan into the gubernatorial race for New Jersey. If Lonegan can run a decent campaign he really has a shot at winning this. I'm wondering, why isn't Tom Kean Jr. running?

8. Rob Tornoe is all about the pantsuit on Hillary Clinton. Count me out on that one Rob.

9. Dan Cirucci has nothing to say about Obama's 4 picks for his national security/state team. Guess you are in favor of these picks Dan?

10. Reagan nostalgia is in good supply at The Save Jersey Blog. SJB warns not to expect one from good old Bush 43 anytime soon.

A Clintonista's White House

If you were a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the primaries, you couldn't be happier with most of Obama's picks. Clinton herself probably would of kept Gates in his current post and would have picked someone in her same mind of thinking for Sec. of State. She also couldn't complain with the number of former Clinton people to be included in the Obama administration as there are several big names including Bill Richardson and Rahm Emmanuel.

Something not lost on most people is the ample supply of big names and egos that will be present in the White House. Most of the people Obama will surround himself with all have ambitions of their own and will ultimately desire higher positions. His challenge will be to keep them all in line and focused on their "current" position. He certainly seems up to the challenge.