Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twitter: The Website Nobody Is On

If you were an alien from outer space and your first desire upon coming to earth was to turn into CNN's morning program with John Roberts and Kiran Chetry, you would get quite the wrong idea about earthlings. CNN seems to be obsessed about Twitter, tweeting and all other associated verbs and nouns one can make in conjunction with the website.

However, how many people do you know that actually tweet? I could probably count on one hand, the people who are on it and have advertised that fact. In my opinion, Twitter is the most popular website, nobody is on. I would recommend a huge buyer beware for any company thinking about using Twitter in any marketing campaign. It will definitely be going the route of the furby and crocs once people realize nobody is on it!

I also think Twitter doesn't add any value to the current lineup of social networking options. In my mind, tweeting is just a glorified Facebook status update. Thus, I will not be joining the (soon to end) craze of tweeting, and when it's all over just remember, I told you so!

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