Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Lack of Understanding?

I've gone on record saying I do not like religious extremists or people who attempt to force feed you their religious principles whether you like it or not. Jay Riemersma, a bench-warming former Pittsburgh Steeler, thinks he has seen the light and decided to make a run for congress. His claim to fame is a little editorial gem entitled "How could Christians vote for Obama?"

He feels any Christian who voted for Obama did so from a "lack of understanding". Translated, this means: unless you agree with me and vote the way I like then you are not a true Christian. His brillance continues with: "Moving forward to the next election, I implore all Christians to base their vote not on a political party or a polished politician, but rather on Biblical principle."

I strongly dislike people like that. Nobody has mandated that Jay stay in this country if he dislikes it so much. Perhaps he had too many knocks to the head from his playing days. Sometimes the bench jumps up and bites you I guess.

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