Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Concerns With Offshore Drilling

There has been some significant talk lately of plans to open up the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge and other coastlines across the United States to explore for oil. I have many concerns with the project covering multiple facets including: the environment, practicality, feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

Realistically this would be a "short long term" solution. I say that in the sense that reports are it will take at least ten years to start adding this oil (which may or may not exist) to the U.S. supply and even then it would only take a small bite out of the overall problem which is oil dependence. There needs to be greater focus on getting us off of oil. This is the nation that created and deployed an atomic bomb for crying out loud. When push comes to shove (if ever) clean energy should have been a walk in the park for our nation's minds.

If this oil is drilled does the United States get all, some or none of it? Could private companies go and sell the oil to the highest bidder on the international market and leave the U.S. out to dry? Will private companies or a nationalized oil system control and drill the land? The questions are numerous and we haven't even touched the environmental aspect of it or if the cost of opening, surveying and prepping the land for drilling would outweigh the actual benefits. Regardless of whether I am for or against the proposal I would want all of these questions answered before drilling is even on the table.

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