Monday, July 28, 2008

We Don't Have Time To Legislate

While Americans have been enjoying record prices at the pump, Congress is set to take a month-long summer break. It seems nobody is really up in arms about this. If I were dictator for a day I would (among other things) strip the Senate and the House of Representative of any breaks making them work 5 days a week (like normal people do) until they found a solution for clean energy.

You might say they aren't scientists what can they be expected to do! Well besides being "cruel and unusual" punishment, a no-break period may force some other ideas to the table and bring about ending our current (and probably future) energy crisis.

On a side note I have really enjoyed watching the ads by T. Boone Pickens who has begun a "wind energy" revolution. Even if you don't think wind is a viable alternative, it's still an idea and Pickens is taking out of his own pocket to do so. Congress should be following his lead.

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