Sunday, December 21, 2008

Around The Horn: Christmas Time

Christmas season caught up with me and I couldn't post last week but I'm back again just in time for Christmas!

1. Channel Surfing has the winter woes as he is glad he isn't in Iowa. Good thing he isn't running for President as sentiments like that will not help him!

2. Blue Jersey is still hung up on civil unions. Sadly no one really seems to care.

3. Fred Thompson is wishing us all a happy holiday season according to MoreMonmouthMusings. Anyone else hear crickets chirping in the background?

4. Save Jersey Blog has got the coverage on George Bush as a civil rights icon? That is about as accurate as calling Sarah Palin's wardrobe thrifty.

5. Dan Cirucci is still whining and upset about Barack Obama's victory in November. His latest source of discontent...Obama's vacation destination.

6. There are dolphins in New Jersey? According to Read All About It, we have plenty of 'em.

7. Conservatives With Attitude thinks France's Sarkozy is a failed president. Well he is married to a hot chick though, that has to get him brownie points right?

8. The Test Panel is infatuated with the smell of flame-broiled beef. Good thing she picked up a bottle of FLAME.

9. Apparently some children ARE being left behind in the world of PoliticsPatrol. He wants to throw out G.W.'s only claim to fame.

10. Santa is out of a job in Philadelphia. Interested parties can view his resume at Sid in the City.

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