Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Around The Horn: Senate Seat on Clearance

1. Capitol Quickies (nope not Elliot Spitzer's experience) has got the Gay Marriage covered in the Garden State. A Civil Union Review Comission (I hope taxpayers are not paying for this...) thinks NJ should allow gay marriage.

2. Wondering what all the blackout was about in Monmouth County? The Inside Clamdigger has got the beat on the street. An estimated 44,000 people went without power (including most importantly...me!!!) for an hour and a half. NJ. com has a great map here.

3. Middletown Mike thinks Illinois is really corrupt. No truth to the rumors Mike received a telemarketing car asking if he would like to buy a senate seat. This does make New Jersey look like an innocent child next to the political whore that is Illinois.

4. MoreMonmouthMusings won't be spending any time at seedy hotels. The power is back on! In only two hours, the people of Monmouth county descended back into tribal warfare and Neanderthal survival tactics. Just kidding, but it was close!

5. Conservatives With Attitude has a really squwaky voice and wants to run for a Senate seat. Nope, that is just Fran Drescher and to think, we thought Sarah Palin was un-qualified...

6. ClearysNoteBook will be locking their gate in the future as their pesky pooch took off. The bright side was that a new friend was made...who promptly got into his car and will never be seen again...(sigh).

7. Read All About It hates Obama's reported choice to lead the EPA. Hey she is a "Jersey Girl", she can't be all that bad. Look on the bright side...she could be from Illinois.

8. The Opinion Mill roasts good old George W. for his actions around 9/11. Hey, at least he kept us safe!!!! Just kidding, I'm not drinking the Peggy Noonan kool-aid.

9. Dan Cirucci is wondering who killed Christmas. He's even got a little poll up, unfortunately one of the options is not "Who Cares". I would have clicked THAT one.

10. Keep your dogs away from the fire hydrants as RedBankGreen is warning us of the testing that will be going on. The dark murky water is OK to drink though, so don't worry about that.

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