Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Death Of Tim Russert

I heard about the death of Tim Russert yesterday as a good deal of Americans did, through the Tom Brokaw regular program interruption. Throughout the day I watched the news and the different commentary some people provided. There were a few interesting stories shared especially by Bob Schieffer about how he enjoyed the Washington Nationals games he took in with Tim and how Tim had always been a loyal friend to Schieffer.

Campbell Brown, a CNN anchor, reflected on Tim's death by sharing how Russert had given her the first big break she had ever had at NBC and would give her help when she reported on Washington happenings. She described him in terms of a mentor figure and a true loyal friend.

When I reflect on Russert, two things come to mind. First was his interview style, as he would often make politicians, public figures and notable individuals squirm in their seats with his tough but fair style of questioning. He was very great at being able to ferret out the truth with a friendly and covert style. Secondly, Tim embodied outstanding journalism at its finest. He was able to ask both relevant and probing questions. His coverage of the 2000 election with the famous "white-board" was nothing short of amazing news-coverage. Tim you will be missed.

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