Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Psychology Of Men

What makes most men afraid to talk or ask out a woman when the reverse is not usually true? Does this have something to do with generational culture values? I remember talking to my uncle once and he said in the era of the 40's and 50's, most young men had no problem walking right up to the register, counter, or front desk of a store and asking out a young women who had perhaps caught their eye. In fact, this was exactly how my uncle met my aunt as a cheeky teenager asking the girl behind the register for a date.

I thought to myself "geez, I could never do anything like that". After thinking about it, I realized this social practice of "putting oneself out there" is slowly disappearing and now relationships are being created on common activities, school settings or workplace association. I don't mean this for a certain age group but for the general populace as a whole. I've even heard friends say they would think someone was "creepy" if they tried asking them out while they were ringing them up or doing a similar activity. Are we men really losing our courage or has society crushed it for us?

The other day I was walking into a pizza parlor to pick up the family's dinner when an attractive blond girl behind the counter caught my eye. Immediately I felt I had a better change of being struck by lighting, meeting John Travolta, or being picked for John McCain's VP slot then of being able to ask out this girl. As I was paying for the pizza, she made conversation, much more than was necessary and it became obvious that she was smiling at me. What did I do? The same thing every guy seems to do these days, I returned the smile, paid for my pizza, and left. As I was walking back to my car I sadly knew I had done it, just like George Costanza I had decided it was too late for coffee.

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