Friday, June 27, 2008

The End of Hillary Clinton?

Some have speculated that Hillary Clinton lost most of her "Clinton Mojo" after being defeated in the Democratic primary and the aura of the Clintons has finally faded. Anderson Cooper of CNN seems to think Clinton came out of the primary stronger than she went into it. My personal opinion falls somewhere in the middle.

I think Hillary Clinton did several things that could pave the way for higher office if she is so inclined to seek it later. She ended the talk that she could never win over the "Anti-Hillary" crowd. I feel this happened not because this crowd changed their mind on her but because she was in the public spotlight so much they just simply got used to seeing her around. I think she also stepped out of her husband's shadow and answered any questions about her ability to campaign on her own record and achievements. Though there was some talk by her about the achievements during the (first?) Clinton administration, there was much less than I thought and the foundation of her candidacy was not built on it.

On the other hand, I think Hillary Clinton will not only never serve as the president but she will never run for it again. Obama is likely to chose a V.P. with some "rock star" appeal and this person will likely be on the younger side and on the "spunky" side which would all but point to this person being the nominee in '16 (provided Obama is elected and then re-elected). However I don't think this is the end of Hillary. Don't be surprised to see her in some "dark horse" roles such as Attorney General, Secretary of Health & Human Services, or Supreme Court Nominee. The reason for this statement revolves around her passion for the "nitty gritty" of legislating/representing and how she really gets into the minutia of bills and such. She definitely has a reputation of being a taskmaster and will most certainly have some sort of role in the Obama administration if elected.

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