Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day: My Memories

As father's day dawns upon us once again I reflect on the life of my father, whose life ended far to young. My grandfather died when my father was three years old leaving him to a life that lacked a male presence to guide him. He persevered, fighting through poverty, tough circumstances, and the turbulent atmosphere of the inner-city of Philadelphia.

People often talk about heroes in a grandiose and super-human context in order to to justify their hero status. I don't know if super-human abilities make a person a hero. Can't a hero be someone who works hard all their life to provide something they never had for their children: a higher education and a promise of a better life?

My father was and still is my hero. Even though it has been over five since his death, I am still reaping the rewards of his hard work by living a comfortable life and just having graduated college, the funding of which came by years of toiling through hard work on his part. Celebrities and athletes are often called heroes because of their status in the limelight or their actions on the court or in the movie studio. I believe the true hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice their time, their body and ultimately...their life for another human being. Thank you dad for being my hero.

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