Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Weighing Options At VP

Apparently Barack Obama's private list for VP includes both former vice presidential candidate John Edwards and former senator Sam Nunn. This is not news in the sense that the two men have been talked about for some time but never publicly acknowledged by the campaign. Al Gore's name was also discussed publicly for what I believe to be the first time.

The benefits for Edwards include having a proven populist on the ticket which I believe American voters have been gravitating towards since '06. Edwards also brings an appeal for lower income and working-class workers. Nunn brings military experience and could help draw in moderates. Gore on the other hand, could add some spunk and energize the party.

There hasn't been any word on when Obama will make his decision. I would assume he would want to do it before the convention and at a time where he could dominate the headlines. Possibly after the July 4th weekend? Only time will tell.

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